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Conference Keynote and Guest speaker

We have experience in providing keynote speeches at conferences in various business topics.

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Training – Courses, Workshops & Seminars

Besides providing face-to-face tailored training, we also provide online training in the following areas:

Delivery Options:

  • 60-90 minutes Presentations
  • Half day training
  • Full day training

Educational Material Development

We also develop educational content material, assessments, practical activities to fit your educational prescriptions.

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Dr El-Kafafi is an excellent workshop presenter. Her key note and workshop presentations for NZOQ, at both regional and national level, were always well attended and often generated lively debate. I commend Dr El-Kafafi for her ability to bring to our members practical leadership skills and knowledge thereby enhancing their role as Quality practitioners.
Ex-editor QNewZ Workplace Adult L&N Tutor – Communication skills CANZ Inaugural Visionary Celebrant Award (2015) Writer| Editor | CelebrantAdult L&N specialist Marriage & Funeral Celebrant | Member CANZ
I have found Siham going out of her way to support learners and her colleagues. Besides being a skilful leader, Siham is an outstanding educator who empowers her learners.
Deputy Head of Business School, Ntec
Siham demonstrated both her capability and valued experience while working remotely on a higher education online development project with Malvern International plc. She was reliable, focused and hard working, producing high quality learning resources on time and within budget. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and informed advice proved invaluable..
International education consultant, retired Executive Dean Northampton Business School/University Internationalization
Siham is one of the most professional and capable individuals that I've had the pleasure to work with. She is a self-motivated, enthusiastic individual who is adept at filling leadership roles with a personable and ethical leadership style that enables her to earn the respect and cooperation of her colleagues and those she does business with. Siham also has a strong work ethic with a reputation for 'getting things done' no matter how complex the task. Apart from her Senior Lecturer role within MIT's Faculty of Business, Siham has also been involved in lecturering on the Southern Cross University MBA programme, and is currently a Doctoral Supervisor.
Elly Forsyth
Self-employed Part-time Administrator at Admin Consulting
Ingenious and savvy are the two best attributes of Siham. Few people have the opportunity to report to the professor who is also a coach and mentor -but I did when I studied under her. I was always in awe of Siham's proficiency to command a room and get students on board with ideas, even students who were initially on completely different pages. She made sure whether it's our morning lesson or afternoon lesson, we don't sleep and present our best during the session. She has her own expertise in indulging class into the most interesting lessons by relating those ideas with our daily lives. Siham has an experience of bringing the best in students. As a team member or a leader, Siham earns my highest recommendation.
Aalia Bhat
Social & Health Worker, Auckland, New Zealand
I had the privilege of being lectured by Dr. Siham during my Business Post-Graduate course at ICL. She was both Director of Research and Senior Lecturer of important subjects such as Corporate Innovation, Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Dr. Siham is a master of combining her rich theoretical knowledge with practical and relevant examples, engaging with students, and promoting the exchange of professional experience between them. She is very creative when it comes to her teaching and training methods, but never compromises quality.
Manfredo Gaede
Senior International Recruitment Consultant at Jitbug
Siham is a motivated, confident, community minded person who shows genuine passion for peoples’ success in their learning journeys. Siham has a long term interest in supporting, educating and helping others which is linked to her many roles that she is involved with. When Siham is working with her clients she is able to maintain a sound working relationship while still being friendly, willing to engage with the range of customer personalities. This means her clients are able to take on new learning, and are responsive to advice on learning opportunities. Siham is also very creative with her programmes and presentation of them. She has a high level of expertise in this area.
Impact Education Hub