Business Solutions

Proof-Reading, Editorial Work and Translation

Our eye for detail guarantees your satisfaction through the provision of quality proof-reading editorial services and translation from Arabic to English and vice versa. Our services extend to medical, technical and academic scripts. We can provide assistance for the following scripts: business plans, strategic plans, technical and academic research papers, PhD scripts and any special reports. We provide assistance filling educational or business forms and applications and formal cover letters.

Training & Development

Training and development are crucial for organisational competitive advantage in our global world.  It is in the best interest for an organisation to invest in its employees training and development to make sure that their performance is at its highest level.  Training and development provide a win-win outcome.  It provides employees with new skills, sharpen their existing ones, makes them perform better, increases their productivity and helps the emergence of new leaders.

We provide tailored training and development solutions for you and your employees.  Press on the button below to know more about our services.

Research Services

We cater for both organisations and individuals researching requirements in various businesses topics and issues allowing us to respond more effectively to your needs . Besides conducting full research projects, we also tailor research workshops and seminars disseminating research skills and knowledge for our clients during their research journey.

The Best Experience Ever

Dr Siham El-Kafafi comes with wide overseas industry experience and consultancy (i.e. medical, manufacturing and service industry) before becoming an academic for the past 18 years. Her teaching experience plays a leadership role in the creation of high quality student experience in a wide range of business courses e.g. open innovation, corporate innovation, applied innovation, business management, leadership, applied management, research methods, human resource management, operations management, quality management, project management, organizational behaviour, quality assurance, business ethics, supervision of industry projects and industry training in the areas of quality management systems, leadership, teamwork and business excellence.
Dr Siham El-Kafafi
The Director

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