Proof-Reading, Editorial Work & Translation for Arrows Research Consultancy

Editing and Proof-Reading are essential parts of the writing process. They help with the effectiveness of your writing style and the clarity of your ideas. We assist you by  providing the following services:

Proof-Reading content and editing grammatical and structural errors in various disciplines (either business management field, medical field or any other field) and for various purposes and types of documents:

Editorial work – Reviewing academic articles before submission for publication and making sure it follows editorial guidelines and standards for the specific publishers’ requirements.  Also conducting proofreading where necessary and also double checking the referencing both citations and list of references.

Translation – Conducting translation from Arabic to English and vice versa.  Our translation services extend to the following: medical reports, health and life insurance policies, medical instructions documents, manual instructions and research reports.

We provide certificates

We provide certificates for proofreading and/or editorial services. See example >>>


Excellent! You really have given it a full wash and rinse! The edits and comments show me the extensive page-by-page work you have done. Many thanks for the brilliant editing of my thesis.
PhD Candidate
Siham has the rare ability to refine and polish sentences with a perceptive lightness of touch, revising only where necessary, and somehow, magically, what is left on the page better captures the very essence of exactly what you wanted to say.
Business Manager
Thank you so much for the tremendous work you have put into editing my application form and resume. Your expertise and observations are hugely valuable. I learnt a great deal!
PhD Candidate
Thank you so much for all of your hard work on my research manuscript. As a new researcher, I was really nervous but you have been an absolute joy to work with. Your advice and encouragement is something that I really value and the insight you have provided makes me excited to jump right in. I hope that we get to work together again soon!
Academic Researcher
We have two key requirements when considering the merits of copy editors and proof-readers: attention to detail and reliability. Dr Siham excels in meeting those criteria. It has been an honour to work with someone of Arrows Research consultancy. Dr Siham provided a very timely and very meticulous proofreading for my academic paper. She was particularly good at revising at the clause level and spotting any flaw in logical argumentation of the paper, as well as correcting any inconsistency in grammar, spelling, etc. Her work helped to make the paper ‘shine’! Dr Siham is deliberate with her editorial tactics and implements great attention to every detail. For me, one of her standout skills is her ability to keep her clients satisfied and keep projects and tasks moving forward. I had absolutely no concerns once we had agreed on a course of action. Additionally, Dr Siham puts her heart and soul into her work and business. It is clear by her professionalism and the output of her services. I am humbled to have worked with someone with such high integrity, who’s so committed to our mutual success. A truly great ally and asset to any business - one I would highly recommend!
Reem Abu Askar
The University of Auckland Faculty of Education and Social Work School of Curriculum and Pedagogy (CURRPD)